Chronos Chronicles


A Web Novel by Joan of Acre

Welcome fellow travelers to my Web Novel or more precisely my Serial Novel. Like the classic days of pulp fiction this is an ongoing work of fiction.
I will be updating the chapters on Wednesday’s. It is my hope that I will be able to post more than once a week sometime in the future. I will keep you updated.

Chronos Chronicles is about a woman, a likely hero. Chronos finds herself in middle America some 100 years after a nuclear war.
What has happened to the United States of America, what has happened to the Earth? Chronos is what happens. In this new time she must make her way with all of the new skills and technology that she has been given. Through this changing place, she knows that someone or something is guiding her. She has free will, but there is a something that wants her here. The universe is on her side.
Follow her adventures as she makes her way across the landscape of the strange, the familiar. Creating chaos to save the day.

The Times are going to change, the Earth is going to change. Chronos is the one who is going to see it happen.


Book 1 Homecomings and Sunsets

Book 2 Without a Map

Book 3 Journey Around

Book 4 Journey Outward

Book 5 Journey Forward *********Current Chapter


This week’s thoughts – Not that I really have something to say every week but I do try to add some comments about the current chapter and any thoughts, ideas that went into it.








…And a reminder, please don’t try to sell or pass off my work as your own, that is mean.

But if you would like to write fan fiction. Please let me know. Thanks.

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